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Wedding Ceremonies for Different Cultures

Aspects of wedding ceremonies for different cultures can be used to create your own unique celebration that will be memorable for everyone who attends. Every society on earth recognizes the value of love and family that begins with the union of a man and woman in marriage.

There are many different cultural features that can make weddings truly awe-inspiring. In Egyptian ancient times, the bride was carried on a platform to the wedding place during a long processional through the town.

In Asia, the bride could arrive by boat completely adorned with festive trimmings in red, the color of happiness.
The traditional wedding ceremony in India features a point where the bride follows her groom around a sacred fire.
The tradition of giving candied almonds is traced back to Italy where it is said to bring good luck and fortune to the newlyweds.
In Medieval times, the hands of the couple were bound together with a special cloth.

When you begin to research wedding customs to use in your own ceremony, pay careful attention to how each part connect to the next. Many of the traditions have their roots in ceremonies that take place before the actual wedding ceremony itself and without them they lose some of their impact.

In addition to the construction of the wedding ceremony, there are traditions surrounding the bride and the groom before and after. In the East, wedding celebrations could be held over a period of many days not just one.

And before there was an organized system of wedding ceremonies, men would bestow many gifts to the bride and her family, this is still practiced today in many countries. Wedding traditions are fascinating in their diversity and their similarities. Love is the central theme in each and every one of them.

If you are looking for a way to enhance the overall experience of your marriage celebration, use the same strategy of brides and grooms in ancient times: involve your guests in as many aspects of your ceremony as possible, not just the reception.
There are many resources for cultural aspects of weddings online and many of the websites have videos and books that document the event as well. By incorporating the traditional and cultural aspects of these wedding ceremonies in your own, you will have an opportunity to expand your emotional horizons and your understanding of why different cultures relate to certain things they way they do. Make sure you consult as many experts on the traditions as possible to be sure that none of the things you want to include in your ceremony will be offensive to any of your guests. Although it is your special day you want it to be remembered as a joyous occasion not one that caused anyone discomfort.

The true value of wedding ceremonies for different cultures is to create strong family and society bonds. The different activities that we perform before, during and after a wedding all enhance the memory of the people involved and our relationships with them.