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Do I Need a Website for My Wedding?

So you are about to tie the knot? That is great. We know you already have a lot of planning to do, but did you think about setting up a wedding website? Yes this is a good idea because it can help you out with a lot of things. Wedding websites have become a growing trend because they are an exciting way to share news with your guests and cherish the moments you have had together as a couple.

Reasons for Developing a Wedding Website
If you have not yet developed a website, here is why you should start instantly.

Saves money on your printing costs
Invitation card printing can incur a lot of extra costs if you just add an extra page or modify the design slightly. However, if you just inform everyone about the site, you can save not only money, but your time and efforts as well.

Provide easy registry access
Your gift registry makes it easy for you to track down items which you have bought and which still have to be purchased. Develop a website, and let your guests access the registry as well. This would make things simpler for them as well, and there would be reduced chances of getting a repeated gift item.

Helps you stay in contact with your guest list
A wedding website makes it possible for you to maintain easy contact with your guests if they sign up in your guest book. You can easily put one up on the site, and request your guests to enter their contact details so that they can be notified of updates.

Makes it easier to send out last minute updates
In case you change your wedding location at the last minute because of rain or some other event, how can you easily inform your guests about it? Your wedding website can easily notify your entire guest list and save you from a lot of hassle.

Letting Your Wedding Website Stand Out
Now that you know why you should have a wedding website, how can you make it absolutely perfect and memorable? Let's take a look.

Share your story
Do you have a story to tell? Yeah, we know the answer is yes. Let you guests know how you to met up and brief them about all the incredible moments you have had together. We are sure they would love to read this as long as you keep it short and sweet.

Take a walk down the memory lane
Cherish your memories together with your guests by uploading beautiful pictures, particularly the engagement ones. You could either do this all over the site or collectively upload them in an album. And once you are married, you should also add pictures of your wedding and honeymoon.

Present the details
Your wedding website should provide your guests with complete information about the event. Clearly mention the date, the venue and the map. Also add a guest list or RSVP feature.