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Planning a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

A lot of people choose to miss a wedding rehearsal dinner to save on cost or they simply don't see the need. However, you would be surprised at just how beneficial having a wedding rehearsal dinner can be and how much fun it can be! Remember, a wedding rehearsal dinner isn't just about getting everything planned and sorted for your big day, it is also a celebration in itself and a great chance for your close friends and family to all bond the day before!

Planning a wedding rehearsal dinner can be much quicker and easier than you think. In fact, in many cases it simply requires you to speak to your venue where you are getting married who will often already have plenty of preset packages for you which will allow you to simply research whether it fits your budget and then choose to go ahead.

This is a great way of getting everyone important for the big day together to iron out any problems and make sure everybody knows there place and what is required from them. Then once everything is set you can all sit back and relax and have a great dinner together while you discuss what the big day ahead holds!

Remember to take into account:
  • Who will be attending as you will want important parties there such as the best man, father of the bride etc.
  • Have fun and enjoy a drink but don't supply too much alcohol as you want everyone to be fresh the next day!
  • Cost! You are better off spending a bit less on your wedding rehearsal dinner and having more to spend on the actual day rather than the other way around!
  • Try to start early enough that you won't be finishing too late, you don't want people being too tired to enjoy your big day!

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