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How to Choose a Wedding Catering Service

You sure want your wedding to be remembered by your guests for many a years to come, right? The venue should be amazing, the decorations should be incredible and the bride dress, that should make you look absolutely stunning. But do you know what your guests would remember the most, and talk about for a long time to come? You guessed right, this is the food that you would offer them on the wedding day. And this is also one of the biggest expenses of your wedding. As such, you should choose a reputable wedding caterer with great care. Here is what you should keep in mind.

Find a suitable caterer ages before your wedding date
The good caterers are always get booked up fast and well in advance. Start searching for a suitable caterer as soon as you can so that your favorite of the lot does not reject your request. A two months start before the wedding would give you enough time for the search, and would also give the caterer enough time to complete their preparations for your wedding.

Evaluate the size of your list

You would not want to face the horror of food supplies finishing off on your big day. Should this happen, there is no way you can arrange this much food at the last minute and your guests would probably go home with empty stomachs. So prepare you guest list well beforehand, and ensure that your chosen service can easily cater to that number.

Choose a caterer that specializes in weddings

Many of the caterers out there provide a variety of services, but they always focus on some events more than others. For some this is business events and for others, it can be seminars. Which one should you go with? Select a caterer that specializes in weddings, and find out if they have all that you require in terms of the menu, service and so on. For instance, you can either have a complete five course meal for your wedding or stick to the standard dishes. Ensure that whatever you want, your caterer should offer.

Get details on catering rules at your venue
There are often a lot of rules that have to be followed with regards to wedding events at many of the venues. A hotel may not ask you to use only their in house catering services and another venue might ask you to choose a caterer with whom they are affiliated. There are other rules as well such as the no cooking at the spot, no barbecue and a limited number of guests. Get information on these rules and then choose a caterer that can meet them.

Determine the food quality
It is absolutely vital that your chosen caterer offers tasty food and presents it well on the dining table. Request sample dishes, and taste them before you actually finalize the deal with them. Also request pictures of past events that they have catered so that you can have an idea of how they serve the food.