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Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas

Every day new couples announced that they are getting married and this is a result of an accepted marriage proposal. But in many cases, the stories that surround this turning point event are less than memorable, because of the way the proposal was made. All those of traditional method of a man going down on one knee in front of the woman and asking her to marry him while holding a diamond ring is still acceptable there are many unique marriage proposal ideas that you can use.

We have all heard stories of men hiring skywriting planes to deliver their marriage proposal or having a question spelled out in lights at a sporting event. Some men have become even more creative in the ways that they pop the question to the lady they love. Here are a few examples:

  • Create a personal website storybook full of photos and images from all of the time you have shared with the last page featuring a photo of you holding a diamond ring with the caption:"will you marry me?"
  • Select different items that you know will interest your lady and then create a map where she will be able to locate each one in a love treasure hunt with the treasure  being you with the diamond ring.
  • Visit a florist and purchase three long stemmed red roses. Attach a memento from the past to the first one, an item from the present to the second and the diamond ring to the third. Give your lady each one and when you give her the third rose ask her the big question.
  • If you and your lady enjoy Chinese food you can have the question will you marry me? encased in a fortune cookie. When she opens it and reads the message, have the diamond ring ready to give her.
  • You can arrange to purchase ad space on the advertising trailers that are shown at the movie theater, some will create a mini scenario play with actors who during the final scene will turn to face the audience and ask your lady the question. You can purchase a box of
  • Crackerjack and put the ring box inside for a real surprise on a day out having fun. When she opens her prize you get to pop the question.
  • Plan a romantic outdoor lunch at the beach or in the park with all the trimmings. When you lay down the cloth you can write out the question will you marry me? in pebbles or shells.
  • You can tell one of your closest friends some innocent facts about your relationship and then introduce them to your lady as a psychic who will amaze her with what they know. When they tell her they see a diamond in her future, that's your clue to present the ring and ask her to marry you.
These are just a few of the unique marriage proposal ideas that you can use to make this very special moment difficult to forget.