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Honeymoon Destination Ideas - Best Honeymoon Destinations

Other than the big day itself, the honeymoon is one of the most exciting aspects of getting married! It is the first chance for you and your new husband or wife to escape together as married partners and of course it should be one of the happiest vacations of your life!
A honeymoon is always likely to be wonderful no matter where you choose to go but here are a few honeymoon destination ideas that may help:

Is a lovely island that has its own culture but it's not a million miles away from home so you don't have to adjust too much! You can enjoy stunning beaches, amazing scenery and there are some fantastic excursions that can help you to enjoy a few days away from your hotel.

It is quickly establishing itself as a honeymoon destination with a difference! Although the culture is very different it has actually be very westernized and Dubai is all about being big, bold and beautiful. If you are looking to splash the cash and want somewhere where you can enjoy the very finest luxuries then how about staying at the Burj Arab hotel - The world's only 7 star (yes, SEVEN star) hotel?!

Indian Ocean
The Indian Ocean is home to many wonderful honeymoon retreats. Whether it is Goa in southern India, the Seychelles islands or the stunning Maldives, you cannot fail to be captivated by the stunning beauty and serenity that this area holds. If you are looking for romance then being on your own tiny island with glistening white sand and gentle lapping waters doesn't get much better than this!

Europe has plenty to offer the honeymooner and if you really want to go ultra-romantic then where better to go than Paris, France?! Here you can enjoy your honeymoon in the most romantic city in the world!