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DIY Succulent Wedding Favors

Posted by Administrator on 2/26/2015
Create your own DIY succulent wedding favors with these useful tips.
Everywhere you look, from top retailers, magazines, or online, you’ll find DIY succulent wedding favors featured. For wedding ideas, they have been shown used in unique bridal bouquets to table accents. Let’s face it, these luscious variety of plants are the latest trend and we couldn’t help but be a bit smitten with sharing some DIY ideas!

Succulent Bouquet

Purchasing pre-made succulent table arrangements can be very costly. Most couples find themselves on a budget when planning for their big day. So we thought to share a few easy steps to create your own elegant and simple succulent table arrangements - in a few simple steps. Plus, to create a complementing favor idea for your guests we’ve paired this lovely bottle stopper - it’s our brand new product “Love in Bloom Faux Succulent Bottle Stoppers."

Succulent Bottle Stoppers

Here’s what you’ll need for making your table arrangements:
  • A variety of mini succulents; these can range in price from $2 - $5 depending on the size. We used 4 for this planter and it filled it nicely.
  • Bags of small rocks for drainage. Succulents don’t like a lot of water.
  • Pots - we liked these distressed shallow pots.
  • Potting soil.
  • Moss and stone accents - these are optional, but really helps to finish the presentation. 
  • Total cost is about $25 per centerpiece - compared to $50 retail.

We started by simply adding the small rocks to the bottom of the planter, at least 1"-2" deep. Keep in mind that some planters can get expensive, so try serving bowls, these are typically nice and shallow, and you can usually find them in quantity at local home stores, or try several in mix and match colors for your tables.

Next, we added a handful of dirt and placed the succulents. We then topped them with a bit more dirt and finished the arrangement with either moss or stones. When your event is over, either keep them for your own home or give them to your bridesmaid’s or special guests at your wedding.

Tying the event together with the matching succulent wedding favor bottle stopper is the perfect touch that everyone will remember!