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DIY Place Cards for Key To my Heart Theme

Posted by Administrator on 1/5/2015
As far as symbols go, the key makes for a wonderful compliment to any wedding. It represents the sentiment that you have found in each other...The Key To My Heart... the person who has "unlocked" your heart. The metaphor, while it can feel cliche, shouldn't be understated it is truly special that each has found the key to unlock the others heart. Those places within ourselves that feel most locked away; special, private, and treasured. Knowing that a single key fits a specific lock is iconic for your marriage partnership. So, when it comes to this wedding theme idea, we thought about all of those visual opportunities for pulling together the ideal combination of place card holders, favors and DIY accents.

We started with these vintage looking old lever lock brass keys for creating the perfect focal point at your main entrance. Not only do these key holders keep a steady upright balance, but they are fashioned with a slot ready for tucking your placed cards. They have conveniently packaged with each key, these elegantly printed cards ready for penning your guest names. Organize the names in alphabetically order at your reception entrance.

DIY Place Cards for Key To my Heart Theme

Next, since the first anniversary is celebrated with paper, we thought it would be a nice touch if each guest provided a note on what they thought was the key to happiness for the couple. Then, after the honeymoon and at their first anniversary, the couple could take time to read the notes and personal thoughts given to them by their guests. It also serves as a much more contemporary guest book of sorts, allowing people to write something more personal then just their names.

For the tags, we found this cute rubber-stamp at Hobby Lobby and paired it with black ink. We cut the paper into small of 1.5" x 4" pieces and then stamped the key onto each - leaving room at the top for hole punching. Then we added twine, which we cut about 8" long (or you could use ribbon).

Next, we used these matching brass styled key chains as favors for each guest. We placed one on top of each guests napkin and left a few pretty pens at the table for sharing. The Maid-of-Honor after her toast, was asked to share the idea of the anniversary being paper and invited each guest to provide the couple with a message on the key to happiness, or the key to a happy marriage.

Towards the end of dinner - before people got distracted with dancing, one of the bridesmaids went around and collected the notes into a lovely basket for the couple. The guests were reminded to keep the keys as wonderful favor momento's of the wedding celebration.

We feel certain that this bride and groom will get the pleasure of reading and re-reading these messages for years to come!