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Compact Mirror Favor Ideas

Posted by on 6/9/2016

Practical Mirror Compacts For A Girl's Night Out Party

Compact mirrors come in an assortment of styles, sizes, and shapes. They are a great item to carry around for all your beauty needs. For personalized party favors for a girl's night out to matching styles for bridal showers or bachelorette goody bags, our compact mirrors can't be beat.

We have a variety of styles for the outer decoration of our mirrors. Our most popular designs are metal bling, metal designed, vintage, and Paris themed compact mirrors. We also have colorful designs like our Murano or chevron style compacts.

Murano Style Compact Mirror

The circular shape of a compact mirror is the most common, but we do carry others. Square/rectangular shaped, heart-shaped, and a few unique shapes like the handbag or rose are all available on our website.

Rose Design Mirror Compact

The typical compact mirror is about the size of your palm. Each of our compacts are hinged, offering two glass mirrors, one on each side of the compact. All of our compact mirrors are designed with a unique style in mind and with our low prices, they can be paired with any occasion.

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