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Fun and Colorful Sunglass Wedding Favor Ideas

Posted by on 4/22/2016

If you are having a beach themed wedding or bridal shower party or destination wedding consider giving our personalized sunglass wedding favors.

Summer is here and things are going to get hot. What are great wedding favors for guests? Sunglasses, since they can add fun to a wedding and give the guests some style. If you are having an outdoor wedding this is a great way to save them from the sun. Get different colors and set the sunglasses on a table for guests as they walk in. They can pick the style and color they like best to express themselves. This is a great way to show your guests you care about them. .

Another way you can use them is for a photo booth for your wedding. Have them available for your guests to take pictures in and allow them to take them home. .

Wedding Sunglasses

You can, also, have the best men and/or the bridesmaids wear them for the ceremony. Then at the reception have them available for the guests.

Are you having a beach-themed wedding or a beach destination wedding? Sunglasses would be great as party favors. They would appeal to the theme and give your guests something to shield their eyes.

Are you having a choreographed dance? This is becoming a huge wedding trend. The dancers can wear sunglasses to make it even more unforgettable. Then hand out sunglasses to the guests during the dance.

Sunglass favor ideas

There are many creative ways you can use sunglasses for your wedding. Get creative! Give your guests something that they can use long after they leave the wedding. If you are looking for personalized, fun and colorful sunglasses for your wedding, contact us. Order them today, with your own personalized message on them for a great price.